Working Papers

    • Designing Effective Music Excerpts.
      Emaad Manzoor, Nikhil Malik.
    • Resources: Website, Preprint, Video
    • Expanding Knowledge Graphs with Humans in the Loop.
      Emaad Manzoor, Jordan Tong, Sriniketh Vijayaraghavan, Rui Li (first three authors contributed equally).
    • Resources: Preprint
    • Does Machine Learning Amplify Pricing Errors in the Housing Market? – The Economics of Machine Learning Feedback Loops. Nikhil Malik, Emaad Manzoor.
    • Resources: Preprint, Video
    • Focused Concept Miner: Interpretable Deep Learning for Text Exploration. Dokyun Lee, Emaad Manzoor, Zhaoqi Cheng (all authors contributed equally). Revise & Resubmit at Information Systems Research.
    • Resources: Website, Preprint


Journal Publications

    • Influence via Ethos: On the Persuasive Power of Reputation in Deliberation Online. Emaad Manzoor, George Chen, Dokyun Lee, Michael D. Smith.
      Management Science, 2023.
    • Resources: Website (slides, videos, code, data), Preprint
    • Impact: Best paper at the AAAI 2021 workshop on AI for Behavioral Change / Best paper (e-business cluster) finalist at INFORMS 2019
    • Causal Inference in Natural Language Processing: Estimation, Prediction, Interpretation and Beyond. Amir Feder, Katherine A. Keith, Emaad Manzoor, Reid Pryzant, Dhanya Sridhar, Zach Wood-Doughty, Jacob Eisenstein, Justin Grimmer, Roi Reichart, Margaret E. Roberts, Brandon M. Stewart, Victor Veitch, Diyi Yang (all authors contributed equally). Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics.
    • Resources: Paper, Workshop @ EMNLP 2021

Computer Science Conference Publications

Note on Publication Venues

Computer science research is disseminated primarily via conference proceedings. WWW and KDD are flagship conferences of the data mining subdomain (both ranked A* by CORE). EMNLP is one of the top conferences in the natural language processing subdomain (ranked A* by CORE and based on the Google Scholar h5-index for natural language processing venues). AAAI is one of the top conferences in the artificial intelligence subdomain (ranked A* by CORE and based on the Google Scholar h5-index for artificial intelligence venues).

Academic business research is disseminated primarily via journal publications. Management Science, Marketing Science, Information Systems Research and Journal of Marketing Research comprise the highest tier of journals in the information systems and quantitative marketing subdomain (ranked by the Financial Times).